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Monthly Archives: May 2018

We have released a new version of Project Packer, with enhanced protection for documents:

Project Packer - Document Protector

Project Packer is Freeware!

Project Packer is also:

  • An archive tool (backup and restore) for your projects with compression, password protection and encryption.
  • An application builder for your applications. You can make a package of your EXE-startfile and all the other files in your project. The result is 1 PPA package or standalone EXE file.
  • A Flash compiler for your flash projects, to make slideshows, movies, music, games, …
  • A document protector to make protected pdf/chm/epub/mobi documents.
  • A copy and content protector with compression, protection, obfuscation, a virtual runtime zone and a Lock to Media system (copy protection).

We have created a user-guide for Project Packer. This guide is a workbook to explore the endless possibilities of this program.

In this user-guide, you will learn how to create a whole range of different projects!

Project Packer – Main Screen:

Project Packer - Main Screen