Orontes Projects

A lot of people have asked why our Nomens Cladens protection library is unhackable. We don’t publish all our secrets, but we give you a couple of hints:

  • Our software is only partial installed on your system. The other part is in the cloud on well protected servers. Every attempt to crack the code is impossible, because the code in the cloud is also executed in the cloud. This code will be never at your system.
  • The Nomens Cladens protection library has a lot of artificial intelligence functions, to analyse and handle hackers attempts. Most of these functions are permanent executed in the cloud.  The Nomens Cladens routines are active during the complete running time of the protected files.
  • TransLock, the old name of Nomens Cladens is available since 2001. There is no single crack available for TransLock.  If you do secure transactions on the net, the odds are good that you have already seen TransLock in action.
  • Maybe the most important hint: Search the net.  You will not find a hack/crack/serial for Nomens Cladens.  If you find something, please try it and you will see it will not work…
  • To confuse hackers, we have included signatures of a lot of other protection systems in our code.  Because of this, it seems our software is protected with dozens of protection systems.

And yes, always keep in mind that you can use SWF Generator for free.  It is freeware.  Contact our license distributors for your free license.  Some of our license distributors bundle SWF Generator with their software.  Other distributors give you a free standalone license!