Orontes Projects

Great Promotion until the end of april 2014!

We deliver free USB-stick licenses for SWF Generator Premium until the end of april 2014!

Follow this procedure to receive your free license:

  1. Insert an USB-stick in your computer.  This stick will be your SWF Generator Premium dongle after registration.
  2. Start SWF Generator
  3. Request a Full Functional Trial by clicking on: SWF Generator is READY! Click here to activate a Full Functional Trial with all options enabled! on the main screen of SWF Generator.
  4. Fill the Full Functional Trial form with your correct information.  If everything is going well, the field: Extra Option Code is filled with your USB-stick serial.  Don’t change this code!
  5. You will receive a Full Functional Trial License immediately!
  6. Wait a couple of days, and you will receive a mail with your permanent license for SWF Generator Premium.
  7. Follow the instructions in this mail and register SWF Generator Premium!
  8. After registration, you will find a file: start_swfgen_usb.bat in folder: C:\E-Documents.  Copy this batch file to your usb-stick.  You can register SWF Generator Premium on an unlimited number of computers with this batch file.
  9. Ready!


If you have already requested a full functional trial in the past, you can also receive a free license:

  1. Insert an usb-stick
  2. Start SWF Generator
  3. Click the about button on the main screen of SWF Generator
  4. Click on the info@orontesprojects.com email address.
  5. A new mail opens in your outlook and you will find your usb-serial in the subject line of your mail.
  6. Write us a little mail with your information and ask for your free license!


Make use of this great offer!  This offer is valid until the end of April 2014.