Orontes Projects

SWF Generator Premium is the most advanced system on the market to make protected (Trial) Ebooks and E-Documents.

SWF Generator Premium and your protected documents are protected with Nomens Cladens: The first and only unhackable protection system in the world!

There is no other system that has these possibilities:

  • Create E-Documents that are locked to media like CD/DVD/BD or USB. For USB storage media, the digital factory signature is used to protect your E-Document.
  • Protect your E-Documents with a password.
  • Make Trial E-Documents, limited by Trial Pages (example: only the first 10 pages are available during trial), Uses, Days, Date
  • Include a complete E-Commerce solution to your E-Documents, with shopping cart and automatic key delivery. With this system, you can sell your E-Documents without any user interaction.
  • Control the usage of your licenses with the Online Activation Server. With this system, you can prevent that users share their license with others or publish the license information on Internet.