Orontes Projects

The protection system inside SWF Generator Premium is ultra-powerful and unhackable! We have created Nomens Cladens: A brand new Protection System for our software and your protected documents. Features:

  • Protected E-Documents are stored in a completely protected envelope file. Changes to this file will disable the E-Document.
  • The output filename (the name of your E-Document), is protected against changes. Example: include the name of your E-Document reader in the name, as an extra protection layer. Example: Presentation_James_Bond_007.exe
  • All the components: E-Document Viewer, the initial license and the E-Document contents are stored in the same exe-file. There is only one file to deliver, which is much better than the solutions of our competitors who have separate viewers, license and contents…
  • The unique E-Document Viewer is very small and well protected.
  • The E-Document contents are stored compressed and encrypted in the protected envelope file.
  • The E-Document contents are always protected, even during runtime and when the E-Document is open on your screen. There are no temporary files stored on your system and the contents are always encrypted in memory. There is no other product on the market that has this protection level!
  • License files are only generated by the E-Document Viewer if needed, for trial versions and versions with the E-Commerce and registration key system enabled.
  • License files are completely protected against clock manipulations and attempts to crack / hack the license.
  • License files with a trial system are always bound to the computer.
  • License files with a valid registration are always bound to the location of your E-Document. If you register the E-Document on your harddisk, the E-Document is bound to your computer. If you register the E-Document on a removable medium, the E-Document is bound to your removable medium.
  • Registration keys are very secure and unique. SWF Generator Premium can generate nameless keys, keylists for E-Commerce systems and keys bound to a specific username.