Orontes Projects

Our patented License Purification System (LPS), powered by Nomens Cladens, is the most advanced and transparant license manager available. The License Purification System is transparant for trial and registered users. This system uses Artificial Intelligence to purify the license and make sure all users have the correct license active. These are tasks of the License Purification System:

  • Permanent License Validation Control
  • Control and Protection against reverse engineering and hacking
  • Protection against changes in the E-Document contents and name
  • Permanent Trial Limitation Control
  • Clock Backup/Forward monitoring
  • Automatic License Backup
  • Professional Hardware Locking to the installation medium

The license has a .lic extension and is saved in the directory of your protected E-Document, if it is not a read-only medium. If your protected file is delivered on a read-only medium, the license is locked to the read-only medium, and stored on the user computer.
Try our License Purification System (LPS) to see the great transparant power of it. We are sure, you have never seen this before!