Orontes Projects

We have released a new version of Data Deduplication for Windows!

Data Deduplication for Windows

This version is now 100 % compatible with removable drives:

  • use USB-drives to make your backups with ultra high compression ratio’s
  • backup hyper-v and esx(i) virtual disks in incremental backup mode

Data Deduplication for Windows is FREEWARE and compatible with all official 64 bit releases of Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and server versions 2012, 2016!

We have released a new version of Project Packer, with enhanced protection for documents:

Project Packer - Document Protector

Project Packer is Freeware!

Project Packer is also:

  • An archive tool (backup and restore) for your projects with compression, password protection and encryption.
  • An application builder for your applications. You can make a package of your EXE-startfile and all the other files in your project. The result is 1 PPA package or standalone EXE file.
  • A Flash compiler for your flash projects, to make slideshows, movies, music, games, …
  • A document protector to make protected pdf/chm/epub/mobi documents.
  • A copy and content protector with compression, protection, obfuscation, a virtual runtime zone and a Lock to Media system (copy protection).

We have created a user-guide for Project Packer. This guide is a workbook to explore the endless possibilities of this program.

In this user-guide, you will learn how to create a whole range of different projects!

Project Packer – Main Screen:

Project Packer - Main Screen

Project Packer is now available on the most important download sites. We have 5 star awards on all those sites.


We have updated Project Packer to version 4.00. Revision History:

  • New Project Packer – E-mail System.  Send your PPA projects to your recipients from within Project Packer. You can select your favorite recipients from the new addressbook!
  • New GUI user interface with cosmetic enhancements
  • A new complete helpfile and user manual, online and offline
  • Portable Installation mode: run projectpacker.exe from your usb medium without installation
  • A lot of internal enhancements and bugfixes
  • Still FREEWARE


Project Packer details:

  • Create protected archives with backups of your data
  • Create compressed ppa archives AND standalone exe files
  • Pack and compress your sofware in 1 project-file that will run in a virtual zone.
  • Lock your project to a medium like a cd, harddisc or usb-stick
  • Create protected flash projects: musicplayers, videoplayers, presentations, …
  • Create protected documents: PDF, EPUB, MOBI and CHM are supported, …
  • We deliver free full functional trial licenses on request!
  • All projects are signed by Project Packer to prevent changes or modifications.


Click HERE to download the Project Packer.


Project Packer is:

  • 1 small exe-file (9,26 MB)
  • very fast
  • compatible with all Windows versions from windows XP
  • doesn’t use the registry of your system and doesn’t slow down your system
  • a program that upgrade itself when a new version is out

Project Packer - Main Screen