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This E-Document is generated and protected with SWF Generator Premium and WTM Copy Protection.

Printing and screenshot tools are disabled in the protected E-Document. This E-Document is locked on the Protected Document CD. You can only open this E-Document from the original CD.

Steps to create the Protected Document CD

  • Click HERE to download the ZIP file with the CD image
  • Unzip the DocProtect.zip to a folder on your computer.  There are 3 files: DocProtect.ccd, DocProtect.img, DocProtect.sub. This is a CD image that you must burn on CD with CloneCD from SlySoft.
  • You can download the trialversion of CloneCD HERE.
  • Install and Run CloneCD and burn the imagefiles to a CD-R.

Your protected Document CD is ready to test! Try this sample and you will be surprised with the great power of the combination of 2 great products: WTM Copy Protection from Webtoolmaster and SWF Generator Premium!

Hanspeter Imp, the creator of WTM Copy Protection is one of the best professional security specialists in the World.  His software is ultra secure and every protected project can be made unique with a very strong protection. With the combination of our programs, we have created this sample with these features:

  • The CD is copy protected and cannot be copied to another medium (1 to 1 copy).
  • The files on the CD are protected. If you copy these files to another medium, the protected document will not open.
  • There are several protection layers on the CD, but keep in mind that this sample can be protected far more powerful if needed.
  • The protected document only works on the original CD. The protected document checks the CD signature at every start. This will take time because the signature is 4TB in size. You can increase the size of the signature unlimited, but this well increase the start time of your protected documents!

Run this Sample and you will be surprised by the power of our programs. And the best of all:

Webtoolmaster Software delivers a free license of SWF Generator Premium for registered users of WTM Copy Protection and ExeStealth.   Click HERE for more info!