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Project Packer - User Guide

In this chapter, we are going to create a nice Calculator! Follow these steps to create and protect your program.

You can use the Project_Packer_Workshop files to exercise the procedure!


Start Project Packer.  You will see this screen:


Project Packer - Main Screen


Click on the button add file(s), you will see a dialog-box, where you can select the main EXE-file.

Select your main EXE-file 'hp12cp.exe'. You will see the file with full path in the file-list:


Select the EXE start-file to compile/protect/pack



Click on the selected EXE file to mark it as 'run file'.  This is very important before the next step!

Click on the button: add with wildcards. This step is very important because we are going to pack more than one file in our project! If you had selected hp12cp.exe in the previous step, you will see this dialog:


Add files with wildcards

The directory of your project, in this case the directory and sub-directories of the hp12cp.exe file is suggested!


Click on the OK button.  The Project Packer file selection box, looks like this now:


File selection box, with entry with wildcards

The second line will include all the files and (sub)directories in the hp-calculator directory!



Don't change these options!  The correct options are:

oFlash Support: This option is ignored for EXE-projects...

oRestore to: Current Directory

oRun selected File enabled

oExtract Files in Virtual Zone enabled

If you need Copy Protection, you must enable Lock to Storage Medium.  When you enable this option, you must save your project on your destination medium (HD, USB-stick, optical disk)!

Make sure the SWF start-file hp12cp.exe is still selected as 'run file'.

Click on the button: Build Archive. You can select the destination medium and the type of archive you like: PPA (Project Packer Archive file) or EXE (standalone EXE file). You will see this dialog if the operation was successful:




Click on the OK button


Now, you have a compiled and protected EXE project, with all files included in one PPA or EXE file:


Nice HP Calculator HP12c Platinum