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Project Packer - User Guide

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Audio and Video Protection

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You can use Project Packer in combination with the freeware GreenForce Player as an Audio and Video Protection system.


This combination is very powerful:


Unhackable protected video and audio streams

Video and Audio is not stored in the PPA or EXE Project Packer archive = high speed media experience

Protection against screenshot makers and video grabbers


Creating protected audio and video streams is not easy, but the good news is that we have created an automation tool that does 90 % of the job for you!

You will find the automation tool in the Project_Packer_Workshop directory. In this directory, you will also find a sub-directory demovideo with sample video's to practice the complete procedure.  



Automation Tool 'protect_media.exe' usage


Protect_media.exe must be placed in the same directory as your unprotected media files. It is a commandline tool with 3 parameters:


1.Your protected media-files. Examples: *.mp3, *.wav, *.wmv, *.avi.

2.A project directory on your C-drive that doesn't exist.  This must be 1 word. Examples: myvideos, myaudio, protectedmedia, ...

3.A long and strong password with numbers and letters. Example: jdk93jdfl29dhcnvbjh2SjEidJ39k




protect_media.exe *.wmv myprotectedvideos jfkd2830dkjlsjfh2LMjK8


If you don't use the correct parameters, you will see this screen:




If you use a directory as parameter 2 that is not empty, you will see this screen:




If the parameters are correct and everything goes well, you will see this screen:




This is a very important message with information to proceed with Project Packer! In the next chapter, we are going to do the complete protection process, step by step!