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Project Packer - User Guide

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Automatic Project Signature

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Project Packer signs every project made with the Application Builder, with your registered username/email.  This option cannot be disabled.


Electronic Signature


Every end-user of your packages can view the digital signature with these command-lines:


For PPA files:  packetviewer <projectname.ppa> SIGNATURE

For EXE files: <Projectname.exe> SIGNATURE


If you run your package, with parameter SIGNATURE, you will see this dialog-box:


Project Signature Dialogbox


In this example, John Doe with email address is the registered user that made the package. These are the reasons to add an automatic project signature to your projects:


Identity control: Your users can check if your projects are made by you.

Responsibility: Everyone can know the responsible author of every Project Packer application.

Fraud Prevention: Only registered users, with known identity, can make packages. This prevents that hackers make malware with Project Packer.