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Project Packer - User Guide

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Backup this Project Packer Guide

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We at Orontes Projects are using Project Packer to backup our own projects.  


This is an example for our backup of the source files of this User Guide:


Archive Tool Example


There are 3 lines in the listbox:


k:\documents\project packer - user guide\project packer user guide.hmxz: this is our main project file. When we add this line the next time we like to make a backup, all the other settings will be restored from the settings database file. See also: add file(s).

k:\documents\project packer - user guide\*.* /S: this line adds all the other files in the base directory and sub-directories. See also: add with wildcards.

c:\Project_Packer_Workshop\*.* /S: with this line, we also add the Project Packer Workshop files. See also: add with wildcards.


The other controls:


Archive Description: Project Packer User Guide

Install-button Caption: Restore UserGuide

Enhanced Remote Dialog

Restore to: User Selected

Archive Password: MySecretPassword

Is is possible to add the backup-date to the PPA or EXE archive name. See here for more info: Build Archive


When we open the Archive, we must first enter the password:


Archive Password window


When we have entered the correct password, we can click on the OK button.  The Enhanced Remote Dialog will open:


Enhanced Remote Dialog


In this dialog, you can:


select the files to restore: select all files, select individual files

select absolute or relative path restore

sort the columns with a click on the column header to find your files fast and easy