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Project Packer - User Guide

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Output Formats

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Project Packer can create 2 Output Formats:


PPA Format (Project Packer Archive):

oThe PPA Format is a new archive type, for files, directories and program code.  

oIt is the standard option in Project Packer, because it has a small file-size.

oBecause it is not an executable, it cannot be infected by viruses.

oYou can send a PPA archive as attachment in your emails.

oTo open a PPA archive, the packerviewer.exe file is needed.  The Packet Viewer is a part of the Project Packer install-file: ppinstall.exe. When your users have Project Packer installed on their systems, The Packer Viewer is ready to use.


EXE Format (Standalone Executable File):

oProject Packer can create Standalone Executable Files.  

oYour users don't need the Packer Viewer or Project Packer on their systems to run these EXE-files.  

oAll components are included in the EXE-file.  

oIf you like small file-sizes for your projects, or you need to send your projects as email attachment, use the PPA format.



You can select your output format, when you click on the Build Archive button:


Click on the Build Archive button


Select your output format in the Save as drop-down menu:


Select the Output Format