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Project Packer - User Guide

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Project Packer - Mail System

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We have added a powerful E-Mail system in Project Packer.  Now, you can send your projects to your users as E-mail with 1 mouse click with Project Packer! Your projects are included in the E-mail as a PPA-file attachment.



Send your project as E-Mail


Click on this button to send your Project as E-Mail.




Project Packer must be installed on the recipient's computer

File must have a PPA (Project Packer Archive) extension

Maximum Filesize is limited (standard 10 MB)

Demo and Freeware version: It is not possible to E-mail a project with Lock to Storage Medium enabled, because those projects are copy protected!

Registered version: It is possible to E-mail a project with Lock to Storage Medium enabled, if you use License Adoption to activate the project on the destination computer.




This is the main screen of the Project Packer - Mail System:






Field/Control descriptions


Mail Parameters


The Mail Parameters must be correct, before you can send mails from Project Packer.



Address Book


Open your e-mail Address Book to add, edit and delete addresses.



Mail Destination




Here, you can enter E-Mail addresses in the TO, CC and BCC lines. You can also select E-Mail addresses from your Address Book. Don't forget to fill your E-Mail subject.





Specifies the importance and priority of the Project Packer Mail.

The priority of your message will be shown in the e-mail reader program.


Also, most SMTP servers relays messages with higher priorities earlier than messages with low priorities.




Send Mail with Project Packer


Send your project to destination e-mail addresses.  This e-mail can be opened with most e-mail clients available.


Your project is included as an PPA-file attachment.


Project Packer must be installed on the remote system to open the PPA-file!




Restore Message


Restore the standard subject and e-mail body-message.  





Abort the Send Mail process





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