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Project Packer - User Guide

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Software Protection

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You can use Project Packer as a Software Protection system. You will find more demo projects in this user guide. Example: A nice Calculator.


You can bring your software protection to a higher level when using secret command line parameters. We will practice this procedure in this chapter.


You can use the Project_Packer_Workshop files to exercise the procedure!


This is a screenshot of our test program:




When we inject the password: MySecretPassword as command line parameter in the application, it will run registered.

Now, we are going to protect our exe with Project Packer:




In this example, We have selected our demo program Exe_Protection_Demo.exe.

Restore to: Current Directory or Original Directory

Extract Files in Virtual Zone to protect the exe-file during runtime.

If you need Copy Protection, you must enable Lock to Storage Medium.  When you enable this option, you must save your project on your destination medium (HD, USB-stick, optical disk)!

Command Line Parameters: Here enter your secret password or parameters. In our example, the secret password is: MySecretPassword.

Click on the button: Build Archive. You can select the destination medium and the type of archive you like: PPA (Project Packer Archive file) or EXE (standalone EXE file).


When you run the protected application, you will see that it runs registered:




Your application is now protected with Project Packer with these protection layers:


Compression and Encryption of the exe-file

Runtime Protection with the option: Extract Files in Virtual Zone

Copy Protection with the option: Lock to Storage Medium

Command Line Protection with a secret password or parameter line.


IMPORTANT: With Command Line Protection, you can even protect projects where you don't like to use the Virtual Zone. If you don't select Virtual Zone, all your files are extracted to the destination drive. In this case, it is very important that you encrypt your secret password or parameter line in your exe, because hackers will search in your exe to find the password! A simple XOR on the password; or an exe compressor can do this job.