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Project Packer - User Guide

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The Application Builder

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This is the main screen of the Application Builder:


The Application Builder - Main Screen



When you start the Registered version of Project Packer, you will see this screen.  The Application Builder is:


A project builder for your applications.  You can make a package of your EXE-startfile and all the other files in your project.  The result is 1 PPA package or standalone EXE file.

A flash compiler for your flash projects, to make slideshows, movies, music, games, ...

A document protector  to make protected pdf/chm/epub/mobi E-documents.

A copy and content protector with compression, protection, obfuscation, a virtual runtime zone and a Lock to Storage Medium system (copy protection).


In the next chapter, we are going to create a nice calculator with the project builder!