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Project Packer - User Guide

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The Flash Compiler

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Project Packer can compile complete Flash projects, even if there is no Flash support on the computer installed! There are 2 Flash compilers available:


A lightweight, small size standard Flash compiler.  Always test your projects first with this compiler. If your project doesn't work you can select the extended Flash compiler.

A powerful extended Flash compiler, with complete Flash support.  


Project Packer - Main Screen Flash


If you create a project where no Flash support is needed, these options are ignored.


All the Flash projects, created with Project Packer, are protected with original file protection, content protection, edit protection, copy protection and print protection.

WARNING: If you are protecting a Flash file with built-in programmed, edit, copy or print functionality the Project Packer protections can be bypassed by this built-in options!


In the next chapters, you can practice different Flash projects:


The Standard Flash Compiler: Angry Birds

The Extended Flash Compiler: Candy Crush

Flash Projects with more files: MP3 Sound Protection, with MP3 Flash Player