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Project Packer - User Guide

In this chapter, we are going to protect sample video's in the Project_Packer_Workshop directory.


In this example, we are going to use Explorer++ to demonstrate the procedure. These are the contents of the media protection directory in the Project_Packer_Workshop directory:




In directory demovideo, there are 2 sample videos, we are going to protect. First, we are going to copy protect_media.exe to the demovideo directory. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! If we have done this, the demovideo directory has these contents:




Now, we are going to run protect_media.exe with the correct parameters:


"C:\Project_Packer_Workshop\media protection\demovideo\protect_media.exe" *.wmv myvideos 394dkjDS


These are the parameters in this example:


1.*.wmv - Protect all the wmv files in the protect_media.exe folder

2.myvideos - This will be the project folder on the c-drive

3.394dkjDS - This is the secret password. In real situations, please use a longer and more complex password!


If everything goes well, you will see this screen:





Everything is ready now, to protect your project with Project Packer!


Open directory c:\myvideos in Explorer++. myvideos was the second parameter in the protect_media.exe commandline. You will see these contents:




Click on Start Project Packer, to open the main-screen of Project Packer, and add bgt.m3u and GreenForce-Player.exe to Project Packer with drag&drop:


Now, doubleclick on the greenforce_commandline.txt file to see and copy the contents:


Copy&Paste the contents of the greenforce_commandline.txt file in the Command Line Parameters of Project Packer:




Now, we are ready to protect our project, and save it on a medium, like a USB-stick. If you need complete copy protection, please enable the Lock to Storage Medium option. Select greenforce-player.exe as start-file and click on the Build Project button and select your destination drive and location. In our example, we have selected USB-stick G and name My Private Videos.exe:




You my close Project Packer now.

Now, we need to copy our protected media directory myvideos to USB-stick G:




If everything goes well, you will see these contents on your USB-stick G:




When you double-click on My Private Videos.exe, you will see your complete protected and unhackable videos:




Why is this screen black? YES! Your videos are protected against screenshot makers and video grabbers.

You have now created an unhackable media project with Project Packer!