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Project Packer - User Guide

You can use Project Packer as Web Compiler, to make one PPA or EXE package of your complete website. After package creation, you can send the complete website to others with the Project Packer - Mail System if you like.


This is an example screenshot:




In this example, We have selected the home page of the website: index.html and all other files in the directory and sub-directories: *.* /S.

Restore to: Current Directory

Extract Files in Virtual Zone is not selected, because it is unavailable in the Web Compiler.

If you need Copy Protection, you must enable Lock to Storage Medium.  When you enable this option, you must save your project on your destination medium (HD, USB-stick, optical disk)!

Click on the button: Build Archive. You can select the destination medium and the type of archive you like: PPA (Project Packer Archive file) or EXE (standalone EXE file).


The standard browser is used to open the website when starting the archive!



Once the website is open on a computer, it is not protected anymore, because Extract Files in Virtual Zone is not available for websites.